Findster is a new and innovative GPS tracking system working towards the safety of your loved ones, finding them whenever you want to. Compared to other systems on the market, Findster is free of charge. There are no monthly fees! That’s what makes us your best choice.

There are two primary devices: one for you and one for your loved one. They are wirelessly connected to each other and all you need to make them work is the Findster’s App on your smartphone.

Using the Findster app, you can follow their position in real-time and receive alerts if they leave previously defined safe areas. You can monitor multiple Findsters at the same time and share access with family and friends

Security zones

When the child or pet leaves the defined security zone, you receive an immediate alert on your Findster App, giving you the time and opportunity to react. If the connectivity between the two modules is lost, the last detected position is saved and you can revisit past locations making it easy to find where your loved one is. If this happens, the Findster ecosystem activates the alert mode and all other modules start searching for the lost child/pet. When they find it, they send its current location through the cloud to the Parent/Guardian’s smartphone App.