The Quintessential Rewards Program

Imagine how differently your financial position would be if you had been reimbursed for all of your expenses from the past 10 years.  If people were simply reimbursed for their day to day expenses, including: food, utilities, insurance, health club, entertainment, travel, vehicles, gas, etc.  If you had been reimbursed for those expenses, and simply earned a 5% annual yield, would your financial position be more positive than what you currently have?


Introducing InvestPlus…an Application that gives Merchants the ability to reward customers with up to 100% of the value of their transaction.  The cost to the Merchant is simply 5% of the transaction value.  


InvestPlus is part of the brilliantly designed ecosystem developed by Frega.  Although the Frega platform offers many wonderful benefits, at no cost to their members, we are only going to focus on how merchants and their consumers can benefit greatly through InvestPlus.  Frega’s platform was developed to solve 2 significant problems facing 30% of the worlds population: 1) it allows the poorest people on the planet a banking platform that allows them to purchase goods/services, and/or pay bills, send money to relatives, etc.  2) It provides a growth based savings/retirement program for the consumer without ever spending additional money.


The idea is rather simple, a consumer comes to your site (or bricks and mortar venue) to purchase your goods or services.  Upon arriving on your site they will see that you are offering a fully reimbursed transaction.  Once the transaction has been executed, your customer logs into their Frega account and they upload their receipt.  They are then rewarded with digital tokens that have equal value to their spend.  These tokens can be converted to cash (they currently work with 115 currencies) and the owner of the coins can withdraw a % of their coins monthly.  However, what is happening more times than not, the consumers are leaving the coins in their ewallet as the coins are increasing in value, almost daily.  In other words, if a consumer spends $100 on Feb 1st, they will get that $100 reimbursed in digital tokens.  By February 28th, that $100 may now be worth $125.  So not only did your customer receive tremendous value by getting their money back, but they are essentially getting paid to purchase from you.


Put another way…Unique to the Customer experience is that the Customer has purchased what they were going to purchase in any event, and at the same time has added to their asset portfolio a set of assets, paying them a daily dividend that at the same time increases in value.  From the Merchants perspective the Merchant rewards Customers up to 100% of their purchase, but only at a cost of 5% of the transaction value, and with the Customers registering to claim the tokens the Merchant is gathering data on who their Customers are and access, through other Applications in the Frega Library, to channels to promote specials and their business generally to existing Customers and a wider growing base of new prospective Customers.


There are many benefits for merchants and consumers, to participate in the Frega system.  The community (both merchant and consumer) is growing substantially daily.  It is our belief this platform will usher in Web 3.0.  The platform is built using blockchain which appears to be the next phase of the digital evolution.  


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Here is a short video that explains how the program works.