Sole Agency R19 500 (120 available)

QMA is a small, portable new generation device that connects to your computer. The device collects the weak magnetic field sensors of frequency and energy from human body via a sensor. According to the results, one can make an analytic judgment for the person’s state of health focusing on organs, systems, vitamins, minerals etc. We can then put forward standard advice for preventive treatment.


1. Professional

A number of medical and computer experts invented the monitor based on the study of millions of clinical cases over many years.

2. Comprehensive

It makes a comprehensive examination of the human body.  38 Health reports are obtained after the scan.

3. Accuracy

The analysis, using scientific methods is approved by a large number of clinical practices.  The accuracy rate of the healthcare product is 85%

4. Forewarning

It can detect health changes before any obvious symptoms and signs of dis-ease appear.  This early detection will be helpful for early treatment.

5. Simple

It is easy to operate with short-term training

6. Convenient

The health check can be done anytime, anywhere.  Easy to visit clients if needs be.

7. Economic

The cost of R450 of an analysis is reasonable and acceptable for the average consumer.

8. Security

The health check is completely non-invasive and not harmful.

41 Reports are given: 

01-   Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular
02-   Gastrointestinal function
03-   Liver function
04-   Large Intestine function
05-   Gallbladder function
06-   Pancreatic function
07-   Kidney function
08-   Lung function
09-   Brain nerve
10-   Bone disease
11-   Bone mineral density
12-   Rheumatoid bone disease
13-   Blood sugar
14-   Basic physical quality
15-   Human toxin
16-   Trace element
17-   Prostate(male)
18-   Male sexual function(male)
19-   Gynaecology(female)
20-   Skin
21-   Endocrine System
22-   Immune System
23-   Breast(female)
24-   Vitamin.
25-   Amino Acid
26-   Bone Growth Index
27-   Eye
28-   Heavy Metal
29-   Allergy
30-   Coenzyme
31-  Human Element
32-  Obesity
33-  Collagen
34-  Pulse of heart and brain
35-  Channels and collaterals
36-  Sperm and semen(male)
37-  Menstrual cycle(female)
38-  Blood lipids
39-  Comprehensive Report Card

40- Thyroid

41- ADHD

The device is a great promotional tool for any clinic, spa, health practitioner, beauty salon, health food/nutrition practitioners/shops, etc. as well as for family use.  Prescriptions can be advised upon the results of the test.

Clients are charged R450 for an analysis which is pure profit.

1 a day makes you R10 000 pm, 2 a day makes you R20 000 pm.

A Sole Agency costs R19 500 which consists of a QMA analyser with full training. Advertising and marketing templates. And a free hand to manage their area. We constantly advertise and send all enquiries to the nearest Agent. This creates security, uniformity and most of all brand awareness.

Below is an example of one of the many readings:

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