QuenchSea is a groundbreaking, low-cost, portable, manually-powered device that instantly turns seawater into drinkable freshwater.

QuenchSea has been independently tested and proven to turn seawater into fresh drinking water. See our test, witnessed by TÜV NORD, below. You can also read our witness report here:
Witness Report TUV NORD
Independent Witness Test of Quench Sea Prototype by TUV Nord:
Operating since 1869, TÜV NORD is one of the largest and most respected independent inspection, certification and testing organisations in the world.

QuenchSea is an innovative technology that combines a hydraulic system, triple pre-filtration and a small reverse osmosis membrane to desalinate seawater into freshwater using manual human power. At sea or on the coast, convert seawater into clean fresh drinking water instantly
In ideal conditions, QuenchSea can produce 3 litres of water within one hour. It is the size of a conventional iron and weighs less than a kilogram. See our more detailed product specifications below.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations at every level and keep you fully updated on our journey, from finalising product development, manufacturing and delivery to sharing the impact we will make globally.