Juno – Like a Microwave for Cooling
Rapidly chill wine, beer, coffee and more in under 1 minute!
Juno is like a reverse microwave but for cooling.

We first set out to create a product that would quickly and conveniently chill both white AND red wine to sommelier-recommended temperatures. How many times have you had a guest bring over a bottle of wine without having a convenient way to quickly chill it? We knew we could solve this problem. So, we built the latest technology in thermo-electric cooling into Juno to rapidly chill a full sized bottle of white wine to 50ยบ F in 3 minutes, and a bottle of beer in less than 1 minute.

What we discovered along the way was that Juno can do so much more than just chill wine. It can turn your freshly brewed coffee cold, transform your hot tea into iced tea, and cool your favorite beer or soda, right in the can.

In addition to wine, you can chill any other type of beverage you desire: beer, champagne, juice, soda, coffee, tea, etc.
The three simple and programmable buttons come preset for the perfect red or white wine temperatures, and are also customisable so you can choose your preferred level of
chilling. Once Juno has been initiated, it’s always on and ready for another bottle.
Imagine brewing a hot pot of coffee, pouring it into your to-go tumbler, chilling it in Juno for a couple minutes, and then you are out the door with a refreshing and freshly brewed iced coffee. No need to water your drink down with ice or wait for it to cool for hours in the fridge. Available in 16oz or 32oz capacity, and you can chill the 16oz numbers two at a time!
Simply place your beverage of choice inside, initiate the cold cycle, and Juno immediately begins to rapidly chill to your desired temperature. This saves you precious refrigerator space and time, making it perfect for entertaining.