Eliminate Airborne Pollutants…
With today’s exposure to airborne viruses, its important for employers to protect their employees while driving commercial vehicles or working indoors in confined office spaces. Mindful With Care understands your concern and has worked hard to develop an environmental friendly solution that not only protect employees, but clients as well!
The 7-in-1 Commercial Air Purifier was developed to protect our workers and clients:

Hired Transportation, Taxi Service, and Personal Family Vehicles
Public Transportation, Fire, Police, and EMS Emergency Vehicles
Fast Food Delivery, Supply Chain, and Carrier Delivery Vehicles
Public Utility, Local Government, and Federal Issued Vehicles
Indoor Office Conference Space, Cubical Areas, and Cashier Stations;

Our portable commercial vehicle and desk air purifier can efficiently sterilize the air in vehicles or within employee cubical work spaces within minutes, depending on the size of the vehicle’s interior, office space, or home office with areas up to 100 sqft. We utilize innovative technology to filtrate, sanitize, sterilize, and purify the air surrounding the space around you. Review our video below for a demonstration of its effectiveness.


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